Missing data codification OR how to capture that slap across the face

Last week we read about missing data and how to plan for it. I found it super useful and applicable to our Quantified Self work- if we had codified our missing data I would have had less chasing up to do, and we would have had some insights into the boundaries of what we were willing to share with the group.

I found this youtube video pretty informative in explaining the types of missingness, ie when something was missing that was either not related to the variable in question, or it was, or it was related to some other variable or combination of variables. And how to capture exactly WHY it was missing in your surveys as this in itself was very useful information. ie to convey the slap across the face “How very dare you ask me that?!” in a survey monkey form..

Speaking of missing, I have missed a lot of opportunities to blog, including the Unearthed Hackathon experience. I hope to get to that soon!


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