Hollywood: a man’s world?

Context: In this blog, I am imagining I am guest lecturer at University of Southern California’s Cinematic Arts School.  I work at seejane.org which is the public site of Geena Davis Institute on Gender in the Media. My target audience are students enrolled in Film Studies. This blog shows the presentation I did (although it […]

A News Agent and a Publican walk into a bar

A News Agent and a Publican walk into a bar…. Context: My imaginary target audience is News Agent National Association members, and the medium is an online newsletter to members. The message is to lobby for gaming machine licenses, and the goal is a call to action to members to give their feedback on this […]

Using think cell for the corporate audience

Sometimes, you have an extremely corporate audience, all blue suits and ties. This audience has seen it all before, every tool, every business idea and every design fad. They do not want razzle dazzle, they want accountability and reproduce-ability. They want transparent and honest presentation of your research,  assumptions, workings, plans and conclusions, to ensure […]

Down the Conversion Funnel using rawgraphs.io

Feedback on my first Data Viz blog led me down the conversion funnel My first blog and in class presentation used Tableau to explore conversion rates My feedback suggested funnel charts and Sankey diagrams, and a free app rawgraph.io site. A Sankey Diagram, and the more recent Alluvial Charts are an attention grabbing flow diagram […]

Exploration of Tree Based Gradient Boosting Models to classify terrorism events as Suicide Attacks

Using Tree Based Gradient Boosting Models to classify terrorism events as Suicide Attacks Tracy Keys 13 June 2017 Background My team Gonzo at UTS used the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) to explore whether distinct features of terrorism events could predict the ABC’s online reaction to them. We did this through web scraping the ABC’s Twitter […]