Is there a sexist data crisis? Hardly a crisis, but still important to resolve

In our session on Tuesday Simon K, as an aside, suggested we google “is there a sexist data crisis. “ I did, (here is a BBC article with that exact title but it got me thinking, this is hardly a crisis and hardly new. Women are underrepresented in many important things. For example, did […]

Missing data codification OR how to capture that slap across the face

Last week we read about missing data and how to plan for it. I found it super useful and applicable to our Quantified Self work- if we had codified our missing data I would have had less chasing up to do, and we would have had some insights into the boundaries of what we were […]

The journey to Ithaca starts with a single step…

I felt like I attended the University of Technology Sydney’s Masters of Data Science and Innovation (MDSI) information session on a whim. But with hindsight the dots join together rather nicely, and the decision to enrol feels so right! I am going to try out every facet of this experience and jump in with both […]